The Myth of Common Sense

Common sense should not influence your business decisions. People may doubt a business decision because they are trying to use, “Common Sense,” but that could be a huge mistake. In the business industry all ideas are relative. Meaning every manner of thinking has strong points and weak points and that nothing is set in stone.

There is no such thing as common sense. At least, there is no such thing as common sense that should influence you in a business decision.

When I began the process of founding Rakuten, I had more than one person advise me not to go into e-commerce. Many people told me the concept of the Internet mall was over, that shoppers were not interested in it. How did they know? It was, I was told, common sense.

They were wrong about Rakuten, about e-commerce, and about the value of common sense

In fact, the only real truth in business is that all ideas are relative. Every manner of thinking has some strong points and some weak points. Nothing is ever set in stone. This is the nature of our world.

What’s important, therefore, is to progress forward while constantly adapting to new situations. Consider a child, just learning to walk. That child will often stumble. The act of walking requires that one must lose balance and then regain it – putting one foot in front of the other. By repeating this process, you move forward. Progress in society or business moves much the same way. There is a constant forward motion, stumbling, regaining balance. Nothing is ever finished or fixed. Therefore, no one can ever declare his or her idea absolutely right. There is no absolute. Only the evolution of ideas.

Be suspicious of common sense and those who cite it to convince you to avoid progress. Do not fear going against common sense. Ideas evolve while being constantly adapted.

In order for your business to succeed you must not use common sense when making decisions. You might have to stumble along the way in order to grow.

Source: LinkedIn

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