Nevada Fifth in Foreclosures Nationwide

Even though foreclosures and short sales in Las Vegas have slowed dramatically, the city is still one of the hardest hit in the country. Nevada is still fifth in foreclosure filings in the nation behind Florida, New Jersey, Maryland and Illinois.

One in every 76 homes statewide received a foreclosure-related filing in 2014, which is down 38 percent from 2013. Filings included default notices, scheduled auctions and bank repossessions. Nationally speaking, one in every 118 homes had a foreclosure filing which was down 18 percent from 2013.

In Nevada, creditors started the foreclosure process on almost 9,000 homes in Nevada, which was down 49 percent from 2013, and seized 4,100 homes which was down 37 percent.

If you have had a notice of default filed, the bank has started the foreclosure process or are going thru one now and do not have a Realtor, feel free to contact us to see how King Realty Group can help you.

Statistics sourced from RealtyTrac.

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